is a global children’s charity
where children empower children
with their voices and actions for change
towards the world they want to live in
through an interactive online platform
that connects the digital world with the real world.

Our Mission

To enthuse children through insights
into their worldwide living environments,
living conditions, and cross-cultural connections
about empathy, tolerance, and
responsibility for one another and the world.

Our Vision

A new global movement of children who build and recognise their collective experiences. This empowers them to develop human, social and political perceptions that transcend cultural, religious and social divisions.
Children who realise that our similarities in caring and understanding, in necessities and needs as human beings will make a distinctive change; a generation of passionate and visionary world citizens who shape an open-minded future. A future that is wise to the necessity of nurturing compassion and consideration on a personal as well as global scale.


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